Florida Rooms

Florida Rooms in West Fargo, ND

The perfect way to enjoy the outdoors without adverse weather is Florida rooms or three seasons rooms. You'll get the best of both the cool indoors and the scenic outdoors when you choose Hot Spring Spas to install your Florida room in West Fargo, ND. These three-season patio enclosures are beautiful home additions that feature large glass windows. With this type of addiction, you will feel as if your entire home has just increased in size. Choosing our team for your Florida room addition also ensures a beautiful installation using the best, most durable materials.

Some benefits of choosing Hot Spring Spas for a home addition include:

  • Durable Premium Quality Aluminum Frame — Requires little to no maintenance, so mold, mildew, or insect infestation is no issue.
  • Optional Mull is available in three different positions — Versatile look and feel. Your project, your choice. Look and feel of a traditional sunroom or new modern design.
  • Three and Four Track Horizontal Stacking System — More options to improve your view. Fewer obstructions and customizable ventilation.
  • High-Quality Glazing Materials — Providing you with protection from mother nature when you want it—designed to handle the harshest conditions.
  • Automatic Locking System — Simple ease of operation that also provides you with security. Close and lock… it's that simple—no additional mechanisms for locking. Glazing and Framing options are available*
The design of your Florida room can feature whatever you want! Whether you want a cozy reading area or a dining area for gatherings, you can make your Florida room whatever you have in mind for an extended area of your home—thinking of adding a ceiling window? Let in the skylight and embrace the outdoors with Florida room windows. Are you concerned about heat or cold? Consider having your Florida room's walls insulated to enjoy the comfort of your addition year-round. We also offer outdoor living rooms installations equipped with automated motorized screens.
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